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  • Discovering the right MDR for India 

    Das, Ashish (2017-02-28)
    RBI has brought out a draft regulation on MDR, seeking public comments. While keeping the digital payment focus for the country, this report suggests tweaks in the approach being advocated by RBI.
  • Sanitising Distortions in Digital Payments 

    Das, Ashish; Das, Praggya (2016-11-28)
    The unprecedented measure by the Government of India to withdraw the legal tender character of high denomination currency will ship the country several notches ahead towards a less-cash more-digital economy, notwithstanding ...
  • A unified approach to choice experiments 

    Das, Ashish; Singh, Rakhi (2016-04-29)
    Choice experiments have practical significance from the industry point of view and are useful in marketing, transport, government planning, etc. Several author-groups have contributed to the theoretical development of ...
  • Promotion of Payments through Cards and Digital means 

    Das, Ashish (2016-04-25)
    Government of India, Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs) on February 29, 2016 came out with cabinet approved guidelines for the Promotion of Payments through Cards and Digital means. Alongside, the Reserve ...
  • Interest on Deposits – Moving Towards Computing Standards 

    Das, Ashish (2016-03-14)
    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on March 3, 2016 came out with master directions on ‘interest rate on deposits’. These directions over rule all the existing instructions on the subject and applies to all deposits accepted ...

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