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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999TiN coatings modified by an interlayer of electroplated chromium on mild steelSINGH, K; WASNIK, DN; GROVER, AK; TOTLANI, MK; SURI, AK
2008Au nanocrystal flash memory reliability and failure analysisSINGH, PK; SINGH, KK; HOFMANN, R; ARMSTRONG, K; KRISHNA, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2004TCP-ADA : TCP with adaptive delayed acknowledgement for mobile ad hoc networksSINGH, AK; KANKIPATI, K
2010Asymmetrical DC link voltage balance of a cascaded two level inverter based STATCOMBABU, NNVS; RAO, DA; FERNANDES, BG
2010Treatment of distillery spentwash by anaerobic baffled reactorsDIKSHIT, AK; CHAUHAN, MS; SINGH, SS
2014Oblique ballistic impact behavior of compositesRAJAGOPAL, A; NAIK, NK
2008Application of Interval computation technique to Fixed speed wind energy conversion systemTHAKUR, RK; AGARWAL, V
2009Effect of Loop Configuration on Steam Drum Level Control for a Multiple Drum Interconnected Loops Pressure Tube Type Boiling Water ReactorGAIKWAD, AJ; VIJAYAN, PK; IYER, K; BHARTIYA, S; KUMAR, R; LELE, HG; GHOSH, AK; KUSHWAHA, HS; SINHA, RK
2015A supercapacitor based on longitudinal unzipping of multi-walled carbon nanotubes for high temperature applicationSIVARAMAN, P; MISHRA, SP; POTPHODE, DD; THAKUR, AP; SHASHIDHARA, K; SAMUI, AB; BHATTACHARYYA, AR
2009Understanding and Optimization of Hot-Carrier Reliability in Germanium-on-Silicon pMOSFETsMAJI, D; CRUPI, F; AMAT, E; SIMOEN, E; DE JAEGER, B; BRUNCO, DP; MANOJ, CR; RAO, VR; MAGNONE, P; GIUSI, G; PACE, C; PANTISANO, L; MITARD, J; RODRIGUEZ, R; NAFRIA, M