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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Synthetic strategies to achieve further-functionalised monoaryl phosphate primary building units: crystal structures and solid-state aggregation behaviorDAR, AA; MALLICK, A; MURUGAVEL, R
2015Bis(chalcogenones) as pincer ligands: isolation and Heck activity of the selone-ligated unsymmetrical C,C,Se-Pd pincer complexGHAVALE, N; MANJARE, ST; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2015Mild and selective catalytic oxidation of organic substrates by a carbon nanotube-rhodium nanohybridDONCK, S; GRAVEL, E; LI, A; PRAKASH, P; SHAH, N; LEROY, J; LI, HY; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; DORIS, E
1998Cobalt-mediated selective C-H bond activation. Direct aromatic hydroxylation in the complexes [Co-III{o-OC6H3(R)N=NC5H4N}(2)]ClO4 center dot H2O (R = H, o-Me/Cl, m-Me/Cl or p-Me/Cl). Synthesis, spectroscopic and redox propertiesBHARATH, A; SANTRA, BK; MUNSHI, P; LAHIRI, GK
2010One, two, and three methylene phosphonic acid groups (-CH(2)PO(3)H(2)) on a mesitylene ring: synthesis, characterization and aspects of supramolecular aggregationMURUGAVEL, R; SINGH, MP
1999Recognition of oxovanadium(V) species and its separation from other metal species through selective complexation by some acyclic ligandsRAO, CP; SREEDHARA, A; RAO, PV; LOKANATH, NK; SRIDHAR, MA; PRASAD, JS; RISSANEN, K
1998Syntheses, structure, reactivity and species recognition studies of oxo-vanadium(V) and -molybdenum(VI) complexesRAO, CP; SREEDHARA, A; RAO, PV; VERGHESE, MB; RISSANEN, K; KOLEHMAINEN, E; LOKANATH, NK; SRIDHAR, MA; PRASAD, JS
2001[PtCl(C6H4CH2O)(PhCH2O)PN(Ph)P(OCH2Ph)(2)], the first example of an ortho-metallated platinum(II) complex of a P-N-P ligandBALAKRISHNA, MS
1996Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterisation of {(CO)(3)Fe(mu-CH2)Se}(2) and (CO)(6)Fe-2{mu-Se(CH2)(n)Se} (n=1,2)MATHUR, P; MANIMARAN, B; TRIVEDI, R; HOSSAIN, MM; ARABATTI, M
1997Synthesis and structural characterisation of a novel tris-methylene bridged compound (NO)(4)Fe2Se(mu-CH2)(3)MATHUR, P; MANIMARAN, B; HOSSAIN, MM; RHEINGOLD, AL; LIABLESANDS, LM; YAP, GPA