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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Nanoscale assembly of mesoporous ZnO: A potential drug carrierBARICK, KC; NIGAM, S; BAHADUR, D
2010Composite representation invariants and unoriented topological string amplitudesPAUL, C; BORHADE, P; RAMADEVI, P
2010Hydrogen Bonding to Multifunctional Molecules: Spectroscopic and ab Initio Investigation of 4-Ethynylbenzonitrile-(Water)(1-3) ComplexesMAITY, S; PATWARI, GN
2010Riemann problem and elementary wave interactions in isentropic magnetogasdynamicsSEKHAR, TR; SHARMA, VD
2010Titanium isopropoxide complexes of a series of sterically demanding aryloxo based [N(2)O(2)](2-) ligands as precatalysts for ethylene polymerizationPANDA, MK; KAUR, S; REDDY, AR; SHAIKH, MM; BUTCHER, RJ; GUPTA, V; GHOSH, P
2010One-pot three component alpha-aminoalkylation of conjugated nitroalkenes and nitrodienesRAJESH, K; SHANBHAG, P; RAGHAVENDRA, M; BHARDWAJ, P; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2010{Ru-NO}(6) and {Ru-NO}(7) configurations in [Ru(trpy)(tmp)(NO)](n+) (trpy=2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-terpyridine, tmp=3,4,7,8-tetramethyl-1,10-phenanthroline): An experimental and theoretical investigationDE, P; MONDAL, TK; MOBIN, SM; SARKAR, B; LAHIRI, GK
2010Role of microstructure on corrosion of duplex stainless steel in presence of bacterial activityANTONY, PJ; RAMAN, RKS; RAMAN, R; KUMAR, P
2010Single-crystal to single-crystal transformations in discrete hydrated dimeric copper complexesMOBIN, SM; SRIVASTAVA, AK; MATHUR, P; LAHIRI, GK
2010Impact Response of Torsionally Coupled Base-isolated StructuresMATSAGAR, VA; JANGID, RS