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Title: Magnetic field stimulation of hybridoma cells in vitro
Authors: DATTA, D
Keywords: Pulsing Electromagnetic-Fields
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: ELECTRO- AND MAGNETOBIOLOGY, 20(3), 263-280
Abstract: Non-ionizing physical field interactions with cells, both in situ and in vitro, is of current interest globally. This is from various directions-starting from their abilities to induce permanent modifications in cell behavior in situ, through carcinogenesis and mutagenesis, to utilizing field effects for possibly enhancing the viable cell population in vitro. This results in parallel increase in some high-value, low-volume biochemical production. In the present study, screening experiments were carried out with a unique cell line-hybridoma (OKT3) (secreting monoclonal antibodies [MAbs] against T3 surface antigens of human peripheral CD4+ cells)-for a possible enhancement in the yield of extremely high value product (MAb). Overall, in the absence of any such data globally, there is apparently an urgent need for screening of such "field effects" on various other cell types in vitro for various reasons; e.g., low cost of manipulation, nonpolluting nature of interactions, distinct possibility of enhancement of produced biochemical titers, etc. In the present study, we observed various responses of the cell population both to magnetic fields alone and in combination with other known chemical stimulants of viable biomass (mono- and poly-lysine). Fifty hertz, 0.8 mT magnetic field and below, in conjunction with bulkier poly-lysine molecules, needs to be investigated further for a possible resonance-induced anti-interaction between these known mitogens and their cell surface receptors, which possibly could be extrapolated to other growth factor-receptor interactions in magnetic field environments, in situ.
ISSN: 1061-9526
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