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Title: Initial sintering kinetics of titanium-titanium nitride nano/nanocomposite powders
Authors: DABHADE, VV
Keywords: Simulations
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: POWDER METALLURGY, 50(2), 157-164
Abstract: The present investigation deals with the mass transport mechanisms operating during the initial sintering of titanium-titanium nitride nano/nanocomposite powders. Two compositions of the nano/nanocomposite powders, i.e. nano Ti-8 wt-% nano TiN and nano Ti-15 wt-% nano TiN along with nano Ti were used in the present study. Sintering studies have been carried out by dilatometry of the powder compacts using a constant rate of heating (CRH) and employing model equations to the initial sintering portion. The shrinkage values obtained were analysed using Young and Cutlers equations and a model proposed by Johnson and Berrin. Based on the analysis of experimental data the effect of second phase TiN on the mass transport mechanisms of nano Ti was determined.
ISSN: 0032-5899
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