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Title: Monitoring of daily integrated exposure of outdoor workers to respirable particulate matter in an urban region of India
Keywords: Indoor
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: It is more and more recognised that an estimation of the exposure of the population to air pollutants is more relevant than the ambient air quality, since it gives a better indication of health risk. Outdoor workers in an urban region are generally of low income status and are exposed to higher levels of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. Hence respondents from this population subgroup have been selected for this study. Outdoor workers are divided into two categories, viz. traffic constables and casual outdoor workers like watchmen, roadside shopkeepers etc. Most of the respondents are from the lower income group. Each respondent is monitored for a continuous 48-hour period. The sampling frequency is once a week. The study region is situated in the north-west part of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation. It can be classified as industrial cum residential area. The daily integrated exposure of the outdoor workers consists of two major micro-environments, viz. occupational and indoor residential. A personal air sampler was used along with a cyclone to measure levels of Respirable Particulate Matter (RPM). The cyclone has a 50% removal efficiency for particle diameter of 5 mu m. Paired samples of PM10 (ambient) and RPM (personal) were collected to establish the correlation between them. The average 24-hour integrated exposure to RPM was 322 mu g/m(3) and exceeded the corresponding PM10 level observed at the nearest Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station by a factor of 2.25. The 90% confidence interval for this exposure is 283-368 mu g/m(3). This study clearly demonstrates that the daily integrated exposure and therefore the health risk of outdoor workers in an urban area is significantly more serious than that indicated by ambient air quality data.
ISSN: 0167-6369
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