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Title: Experimental studies on rewetting of hot vertical annular channel
Authors: SAXENA, AK
Keywords: Cooling
Thermal Effects
Loss Of Coolant Accidents
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Nuclear Engineering and Design 208(3), 283-303
Abstract: Studies on the rewetting behaviour of hot vertical annular channels are of interest in the context of emergency core cooling in nuclear reactors following LOCA. Experimental studies were carried out to study the rewetting behaviour of a hot vertical annular channel, with hot inner tube, for bottom flooding and top flow rewetting conditions. The length of the inner tube of the test section was 3030 mm for bottom flooding rewetting experiments and 2630 mm for top flow rewetting experiments. The tube was made of stainless steel. Experiments were conducted for water flow rates in the annulus upto 7 lpm (11.7×10−5 m3 s−1). The initial surface temperature of the inner tube was varied from 200 to 500°C. The experimental studies show that for a given initial surface temperature of the tube, the rewetting velocity increases with an increase in flow rate of water and it decreases with an increase in the initial surface temperature for a given water flow rate. For a given water flow rate and initial surface temperature, the rewetting velocity is higher in the case of rewetting under bottom flooding conditions as compared to that in the case of rewetting under top flow conditions. These conclusions agree with the conclusions reported in the earlier literature. Using the experimental data of the present work, correlations for bottom flooding and top flow rewetting velocities are developed.
ISSN: 0029-5493
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