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Title: Finite-element analysis of strain transfer in an induced strain actuator
Authors: SESHU, P
Keywords: Intelligent Structures
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: SMART MATERIALS & STRUCTURES, 6(1), 76-88
Abstract: Piezoelectric actuated smart systems are becoming increasingly popular. The proper selection and application of the adhesive bonds between the piezoceramic actuator and the substrate play an important role in maximizing the strain transfer from the piezoceramic to the substrate. Detailed finite-element models are developed in this study to model the strain transfer from the piezoactuator to the substrate through a finite-thickness adhesive layer. A two-dimensional nine-noded Lagrangian finite element has been used for this purpose. The finite-element results-are compared with the existing one-dimensional analytical models and the limitations of the analytical models are brought out. A comprehensive set of results for various values of the shear lag parameter are presented for both extension and bending type actuation.
ISSN: 0964-1726
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