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Title: Active control of dynamic instability of piezolaminated imperfect columns
Keywords: Optimal Stabilization
Buckling Control
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: SMART MATERIALS & STRUCTURES, 11(6), 874-879
Abstract: This paper presents closed form solutions for active control of dynamic instability of initially curved piezolaminated columns. Piezoelectric sensors and actuators a-re used in control, The electromechanical piezoelectric constitutive laws are adopted along with classical laminated plate theory. A solution for the stability of the column is derived using the geometric imperfection approach. A constant gain feedback control algorithm is derived using modified stiffness and increased Euler's critical buckling load during piezoelectric actuation. Control of a geometrically imperfect piezolaminated column subject to static, periodic and arbitrary loading in the axial direction is demonstrated in both frequency domain and time domain. A novel limiting actuation concept is developed based on the bending strains.
ISSN: 0964-1726
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