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Title: Tribological behaviour of plasma and laser coated steels
Authors: KHEDKAR, J
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: WEAR, 205(1-2), 220-227
Abstract: Wear and abrasion are some of the problems most commonly associated with industrial components. The cost of wear to industry is high, and the recognition of this fact lies behind the continuing development of novel surface modification techniques such as plasma and laser techniques, which provide a unique, versatile and a cost competitive solution for mitigating tribological losses. In this paper we attempt to investigate the influence of structural as well as operational parameters on the sliding wear and friction behaviour of plasma sprayed and subsequently laser alloyed coatings under dry and marginally lubricated conditions. Accordingly, tests were carried out on a laboratory pin-on-disc apparatus to characterize the adhesive and abrasive wear resistance of two different steels, plasma sprayed or laser alloyed with WC-Co, molybdenum and chromium. The comparative tribological behaviour of plasma sprayed and laser alloyed coatings was also studied. The effect of the structural properties on the tribological behaviour of the coatings was critically evaluated. Microstructural examination was carried out so as to detect the possible modes of failures. The overall objective of our study was to arrive at a possible interactive mechanism which could explain the tribological behaviour of the coatings.
ISSN: 0043-1648
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