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Title: Study of tablet-coating parameters for a pan coater through video imaging and Monte Carlo simulation
Authors: KANDELA, B
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 204(1), 103-112
Abstract: The movement of tablets in a pan coater and the exposure of different surfaces of tablets for deposition of coatings by spray-coating have been studied by video imaging and Monte Carlo simulation techniques. A representative variety of tablets of different shapes and sizes were used at different pan loads and at various pan speeds. A single "tracer" tablet was used to track the motion of tablets and coating variables such as circulation time, surface time, projected surface area and surface velocity of a tablet were determined from the video imaging experiments. The coating uniformity is described in terms of the coating variation from tablet to tablet CV(tt) and a new parameter CV(st) the coating variation on a single tablet. The effect of shape of tablets on coating uniformity was analyzed by introducing a "sphericity" of tablet (phi(s)) into the CV models. The methodology, new models and the analysis developed here incorporating the additional parameters will help users to optimize the coating process in pan-coating operations. (C) 2010
ISSN: 0032-5910
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