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Title: Multi-port network and 3D finite-element models for accurate transformer calculations: Single-phase load-loss test
Keywords: Eddy-Current Problems
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH, 78(11), 1941-1945
Abstract: A six-port impedance network for a three-phase transformer is obtained from a 3D time-harmonic finite-element (FE) model. The network model properly captures the eddy current effects of the transformer tank and frame. Ail theorems and tools of passive linear networks can be used with the multi-port model to simulate several important operating conditions without resorting anymore to computationally expensive 3D FE simulations. The results of the network model are of the same quality as those produced by the FE program. Although the passive network may seem limited by the assumption of linearity, many important transformer operating conditions imply unsaturated states. Single-phase load-loss measurements are employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the network model and to understand phenomena that could not be explained with conventional equivalent circuits, In addition, formal deduction of novel closed-form formulae is presented for the Calculation of the leakage impedance measured at the high and low voltage sides of the transformer. (C) 2008
ISSN: 0378-7796
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