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Title: Option for improving the deformation behaviour of compacted clay barriers subjected to differential settlements
Keywords: Clay Barriers
Differential Settlements
Centrifuge Modeling And Model Tests
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IACMAG
Citation: Proceedings of the 12th IACMAG: Geomechanics in the Emerging Social & Technological Age, Goa, India, 1-6 October 2008, 1428-1435
Abstract: Lining systems render a significant role in ensuring that waste materials are safely separated from the environment. Despite the advent of modern lining systems, compacted clay barriers or liners are regarded as one of the very significant components of lining system and are being used as a waste containment system in landfills which require insignificant infiltration. Compacted clay barriers made-up of soil minerals of low permeability characteristics are generally prone to damage: (i) for not meeting the required material characteristics, (ii) due to continuous differential settlements attributed to heterogeneous composition of municipal solid waste and sub-soil and (iii) low overburden in the case of top capping system. Differential settlements lead to bending and are critical for the behaviour of clay liners. As a result, the clay barrier could loose its integrity and sealing efficiency. The present study addresses the potential of biaxial geogrid layer as an alternative solution for restraining cracking of clay barrier at the onset of differential settlements.
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