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Title: Quantum-mechanical stability of fermion-soliton systems
Authors: SAHU, N
Keywords: Extended-Hadron Models
Topological Defects
Zero Modes
Number 1/2
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: PHYSICS LETTERS B, 596(1-2), 1-7
Abstract: Topological objects resulting from symmetry breakdown may be either stable or metastable depending on the pattern of symmetry breaking. However, if they acquire zero-energy modes of fermions, and in the process acquire non-integer fermionic charge, the metastable configurations also get stabilized. In the case of Dirac fermions the spectrum of the number operator shifts by 1/2. In the case of Majorana fermions it becomes useful to assign negative values of fermion number to a finite number of states occupying the zero-energy level, constituting a Majorana pond. We determine the parities of these states and prove a superselection rule. Thus decay of objects with half-integer fermion number is not possible in isolation or by scattering with ordinary particles. The result has important bearing on cosmology as well as condensed matter physics. (C) 2004
ISSN: 0370-2693
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