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Title: Multispectral panoramic mosaicing
Authors: BHOSLE, U
Keywords: Images
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS, 26(4), 471-482
Abstract: Image mosaicing overcomes the limitations of a camera's limited field of view by aligning and pasting suitably transformed frames in a sequence of overlapping images. This paper deals with multispectral mosaicing for enhancement of spectral information-information from the thermal infra-red (IR, hereafter) band and visible band images is directly fused at the pixel level. All subsequent operations can be carried out using the fused mosaic instead of the individually sensed images. We develop a geometric relationship between a visible band panoramic mosaic and an IR one. Our system uses a fast algorithm for automatic panoramic mosaicing. We show results of inter-band mosaic superposition in support of the proposed strategies. (C) 2004
ISSN: 0167-8655
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