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Title: Modeling finite buffer effects on TCP traffic over an IEEE 802.11 infrastructure WLAN
Authors: BHARDWAJ, O
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: COMPUTER NETWORKS, 53(16), 2855-2869
Abstract: The network scenario is that of an infrastructure IEEE 802.11 WLAN with a single AP with which several stations (STAs) are associated. The AP has a finite size buffer for storing packets. In this scenario, we consider TCP-controlled upload and download file transfers between the STAs and a server on the wireline LAN (e.g., 100 Mbps Ethernet) to which the AP is connected. In such a situation, it is well known that because of packet losses due to finite buffers at the AP, upload file transfers obtain larger throughputs than download transfers. We provide an analytical model for estimating the upload and download throughputs as a function of the buffer size at the AP. We provide models for the undelayed and delayed ACK cases for a TCP that performs loss recovery only by timeout, and also for TCP Reno. The models are validated in comparison with NS2 simulations. (C) 2009
ISSN: 1389-1286
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