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Title: A simulation model for the operation of multipurpose multireservoir system for River Narmada, India
Authors: JOSHI, GS
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This paper presents a simulation model for the operation of multipurpose multireservoir systems. The simulation model developed in this study has been applied to the Narmada River Reservoir System in India. The model has been formulated for the monthly operation of reservoirs to meet industrial, domestic, irrigation, and hydropower generation water requirements. The simulation model consists of four modules: inflow generation, minimum flow releases, simulation, and performance evaluation. The single-site Thomas-Fiering and multisite Lane's Applied Stochastic Techniques (LAST) inflow generation models have been used for the generation of a monthly inflow series. Five performance indicator indices have been formulated for evaluating the performance of the multipurpose multireservoir system: Volume Reliability Index (VRI), Time Reliability Index (TRI), Hydropower Production Index (HPI), Economic Benefits Index (ECBI), and Spill Prevention Index (SPPI). The trade-offs between the performance indicator indices have been obtained using the simulation model. The results from these trade-offs will assist decision makers in the operation of reservoirs, as well as with planning and comparing operation strategies. (C) 2009 International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research, Asia Pacific Division.
ISSN: 1570-6443
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