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Title: Ionomer compatibilised PA6/EVA blends: mechanical properties and morphological characterisation
Keywords: Polyolefin Polyamide Blends
Polymer Blends
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: POLYMER, 44(5), 1725-1732
Abstract: The compatibilisation of PA6/EVA blends with the addition of an ionomer on the mechanical properties and morphology were studied as a function of ionomer concentration with the primary aim of enhancing the impact strength of PA6 by EVA. The level of EVA was kept at 20%, which formed the dispersed phase, and the ionomer content was varied from 0 to 1.6 wt%. It was found that notched Izod impact strength of PA6/EVA/ionomer blends increased with the incorporation of ionomer to about three times of the value for uncompatibilised PA6/EVA blends. Further, it was observed that on incorporation of the ionomer the tensile strength also increased significantly. Analysis of the tensile data using predictive theories indicated an enhanced interaction of the dispersed phase and the matrix. SEM studies of cryogenically fractured surfaces indicated a decrease in dispersed phase domain size with the addition of the ionomer, while the impact fractured surfaces of PA6/EVA blends indicated extensive deformation with the formation of rumples indicating increased interfacial adhesion as compared to PA6/EVA blends. An attempt has been made to evaluate the compatibilising efficiency of ionomer in PA6/EVA blends. (C) 2002 .
ISSN: 0032-3861
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