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Title: A general solution for stresses around holes in symmetric laminates under inplane loading
Keywords: Anisotropic Plates
Triangular Holes
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 49(3), 339-354
Abstract: Adapting the formulation given by Savin for stresses around holes in anisotropic plates under inplane loading, a general solution is obtained to consider an arbitrary share of hole and arbitrarily oriented uniaxial, biaxial, and shear stresses at infinity as well as uniform tangential force, and uniform pressure around the hole. This is achieved by introducing a general form of mapping function and an arbitrary biaxial loading condition into the boundary conditions. In addition, the basic formulation is extended for multilayered plates. By introducing into the computer program, the constants of the mapping function, the arbitrary biaxial loading factor, the orientation angle and the complex parameters for the laminate, the stresses around the hole can be easily obtained. This solution is useful to study the effect of the above parameters on stress distribution. To illustrate the usefulness of the solution: results are obtained for various shapes of holes, loading conditions and laminate geometry. Failure strength is determined using different failure criteria. It is noted that the stress distribution around a given a shape of hole depends on the combined effect of hole geometry, type of loading and laminate geometry. (C) 2000 . .
ISSN: 0263-8223
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