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Title: A general solution for stress resultants and moments around holes in unsymmetric laminates
Keywords: Plate
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 49(1), 27-39
Abstract: The complex variable method of Lekhnitskii and Savin can be applied for solving stress concentration problems in symmetric laminates. Although significant amount of literature is available on heterogeneous aelotropic plates, the stress concentration problems have not been addressed in it until Becker gave his complex potential method for plate problems with bending extension coupling. The present work is an extension of Becker's solution for elliptical hole problem for unsymmetric laminates. In this paper, it is aimed to bring out a general solution to determine the stress resultants and moments around holes of any shape with a simple mapping function under arbitrary biaxial loading condition. (. .
ISSN: 0263-8223
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