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Title: Voltage regulation of a buck boost converter - A hybrid control approach
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: ASIAN JOURNAL OF CONTROL, 9(4), 484-490
Abstract: In this paper, the output voltage regulation problem in a buck boost converter is defined as a hybrid control problem. For control design, the mutually interacting continuous and discrete dynamics are modeled as a hybrid automaton. Thus, the control problem is defined as a guard selection problem of the hybrid automaton. The system trajectory is switched between different modes based on the guards to achieve the required voltage regulation. The guards defined are fixed surfaces represented in terms of the state variables for a given operating condition. The logic-based switching in the state plane is stable in terms of the chaotic and bifurcation behavior. The effectiveness of the control scheme for buck and boost operation under line and load disturbances is demonstrated by simulation in the MATLAB-SIMULINK environment and the results are presented.
ISSN: 1561-8625
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