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Title: Heating value of biomass and biomass pyrolysis products
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: FUEL, 75(15), 1715-1720
Abstract: Studies conducted on the heating value of various types of biomass components and their pyrolysis products such as char, liquids and gases are presented. Heating values of chars are comparable with those of lignite and coke; heating values of liquids are comparable with those of oxygenated fuels such as methanol and ethanol, which are much lower than those of petroleum fuels. Heating values of gases are comparable with those of producer gas or coal gas and are much lower than that of natural gas. It is also found that the heating values of products are functions of the initial composition of biomass; correlations are developed to express these. Also, correlations are developed which explain the influence of ash elements on heating values of the pyrolysis products and on percentage distribution of energy in the products. Copyright (C) 1996 .
ISSN: 0016-2361
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