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Title: An approach to selection of material and manufacturing processes for rocket motor cases using weighted performance index
Authors: RAJAN, KM
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: Material selection is a very critical design decision, which has a profound influence on the entire development program for rocket motor cases. In the selection process, the main performance parameters and the most appropriate fabrication technology with proven processes must be considered. Many years of practical experience in material selection process with a thorough understanding of materials behavior under various loading environments and hands-on experiences with various available manufacturing processes are of immense help to the design and development engineer for successful completion of the development program. In this paper, an attempt has been made to present an approach for selecting appropriate material and manufacturing process for rocket motor case based on method of Weighted Performance Index (WPI) with the hope that this approach will also provide additional aid to the design engineer for the selection of material and manufacturing process for rocket motor cases. In this method, different properties are assigned a certain weight depending upon their importance to the service requirements. Different properties are normalized using a scaling factor, and finally a weighted property index is computed. The material that scored the maximum numerical value is chosen as the material for fabrication. This approach closely matches with the actual performance. Maraging steel and D6AC are found to be the preferred materials for rocket motor cases for critical missions. HSLA steels are appropriate for less-critical applications, in which rocket motor cases are required in very large numbers (e.g., flow-formed AISI 4130 motor cases([8])). For the selection of an appropriate manufacturing method, the major parameters considered are dimensional accuracy, cost of production, minimum material waste, and flexibility in design. Again, these properties are given a relative grading, which is then converted into a scaled property. Finally, the weighted performance indices are estimated. The flow-forming method has emerged as the manufacturing method of choice for motor tubes.
ISSN: 1059-9495
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