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Title: Simulation of Radial Collector Well in Shallow Alluvial Riverbed Aquifer Using Analytic Element Method
Authors: PATEL, HM
Keywords: Filtration
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: To withdraw large quantities of groundwater from the alluvial aquifers for various uses near riverbeds, radial collector (RC) wells are often preferable to the installation of several small diameter tube wells. In regions where rivers are not perennial or have low flow conditions during most part of the year, the RC wells are placed in the riverbed to obtain uninterrupted supply of naturally filtered groundwater through highly permeable saturated riverbed aquifers. Due to the complexities of flow, no exact analytical solution exists to provide steady state discharge drawdown relationship for RC well. Numerical model construction using finite difference or finite element method is quite cumbersome because of the radial orientation of laterals. To overcome these difficulties, in this study a steady state simulation model based on analytic element method (AEM) is developed to simulate the discharge-drawdown relation for RC well in an unconfined riverbed aquifer. In the model, line-sink elements are used to represent stream as well as radial laterals with specified conductance. The model is used to study the effects of different lateral configurations, hydraulic conductivity of riverbed aquifer, radius of influence and conductance of laterals on the well discharge, and consequent drawdown. Further based on the results of simulations using the AEM model, an approximate empirical equation is developed to obtain the discharge of RC well readily for design purpose. Further, the developed model has been applied to a field study and results are obtained for different plausible configurations of radial wells. The proposed methodology based on the application of AEM modeling tool, has been found to be efficient in constructing riverbed aquifer model with RC well. The proposed model is recommended in designing new collector well by providing minimum length of laterals for the sustained yield.
ISSN: 0733-9437
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