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Title: Large forward-backward asymmetry in B -> K mu(+) mu(-) from new physics tensor operators
Authors: ALOK, AK
Keywords: Decays
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 78(11), -
Abstract: We study the constraints on possible new physics contributions to the forward-backward asymmetry of muons, A(FB)(q(2)), in B -> K mu(+) mu(-). New physics in the form of vector/axial-vector operators does not contribute to A(FB()q(2)), whereas new physics in the form of scalar/pseudoscalar operators can enhance A(FB)(q(2)) only by a few percent. However, new physics in the form of tensor operators can take the peak value of A(FB)(q(2)) to as high as 40% near the high-q(2) end point. In addition, if both scalar/pseudoscalar and tensor operators are present, then A(FB)(q(2)) can be more than 15% for the entire high-q(2) region q(2) > 15 GeV(2). The observation of significant AFB would imply the presence of new physics tensor operators, whereas its q(2) dependence could further indicate the presence of new scalar/pseudoscalar physics.
ISSN: 1550-7998
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