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Title: Observation of magnetoelectric coupling in Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) thin films at room temperature
Authors: PALKAR, VR
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 93(13), -
Abstract: Spatial coexistence of ferroelectric and magnetic domains in micrometer scale is confirmed by multimode scanning probe microscopy of pulsed laser deposited Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) thin films. The observed change in ferroelectric polarization with applied magnetic field proves the coupling between magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters. Moreover, the alignment of magnetic domains with externally applied electric field further confirms the presence of coupling in this system. Remarkably, the effect persists even after the electric field is removed, thereby implying an electric field induced magnetic hysteresis phenomenon in the magnetic domain structure. The results suggest an in-principle usability of this system for multifunctional applications. (C) 2008
ISSN: 0003-6951
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