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Title: An environmental analysis of existence: The past, the present and the future
Authors: ALAPPAT, BJ
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Man, as a "being" with the unique capacity to think and reason, has always been curious about his end as well as the end of the known universe. Perhaps, that is the ultimate thing he can think about beyond which nothing exists. Not only in the religions, in science also, there are lots of queries and theories about the END, the total extinction beyond which it is the unimaginable "nothingness". It is not at all surprising that, there are almost similar mentions about the final extinction in various religions that were established and developed in different parts of the world. Wherever the humans lived, these thoughts persisted with them. He wondered, if he could know the beginning of life as well as the beginning of the known universe, he would know at least something about the end. For that matter, the end is the same as the beginning. What was there before the beginning and what will be there after the end? Philosophy says it is "nothingness". Science does not have a concrete answer to that as on today. Humans always looked at the stars and to the universe to get some clue about the beginning and the end.
ISSN: 1992-2248
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