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Title: Dispersion characteristics of an optical fiber having linear chirp refractive index profile
Keywords: Chirp Modulation
Finite Element Analysis
Optical Fibre Communication
Optical Fibre Theory
Optical Modulation
Refractive Index
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Journal of Lightwave Technology 17 (10), 1797-05
Abstract: We analyze the dispersion characteristics of an optical fiber having linear chirp type refractive index profile. The chirp type profile is general in nature and by controlling the profile parameters, one can obtain a wide range of profiles from simple step index to complex multiple cladded type. The problem is treated as an optimization problem in the profile parameter space. It is shown that a variety of dispersion characteristics can be realized with proper optimization of the profile parameters. Linear finite element method (LFEM) is employed for computing the modal fields and propagation constants. Tolerance analysis of the fiber dispersion characteristics and bending loss calculation are also carried out
ISSN: 0733-8724
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