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Title: Pointer analysis of multithreaded Java programs
Keywords: Algorithms
Java Programming Language
Problem Solving
Context Free Languages
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery
Citation: Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Melbourne, Florida, USA, 9-12 March 2003, 1068-1075
Abstract: This paper presents a context-sensitive and path-sensitive, intra-thread and inter-thread solution to combined pointer analysis, escape analysis and data dependence analysis of multithreaded Java programs which uses a sparse representation. We build and maintain a complete Static Single Assignment (SSA) form even for fields variables. We show how to compute inter-thread dependencies for multithreaded programs with structured fork-join constructs, open-ended threads, recursively generated threads, monitors, and wait-notify synchronization. We have implemented our algorithm in a slicer for Java programs. Our experimental results show that a sparse representation improves the analysis time and strong updates on field variables improves the precision.
URI: 10.1145/952532.952741
ISBN: 1-58113-624-2
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