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Title: Mixed finite element model for laminated composite beams
Authors: DESAI, YM
Keywords: Symmetrical Unsymmetric Composite
Bidirectional Composites
Multilayered Plates
Stress Continuity
Sandwich Plates
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: A novel, 6-node, two-dimensional mixed finite element (FE) model has been developed to analyze laminated composite beams by using the minimum potential energy principle. The model has been formulated by considering four degrees of freedom (two displacement components u, w and two transverse stress components sigma(z), tau(xz)) per node. The transverse stress components have been invoked as nodal degrees of freedom by using the fundamental elasticity equations. Thus, the present mixed finite element model not only ensures the continuity of transverse stress and displacement fields through the thickness of the laminated beams but also maintains the fundamental elasticity relationship between the components of stress, strain and displacement Fields throughout the elastic continuum. This is an important feature of the present formulation, which has not been observed in various mixed formulations available in the literature. Results obtained from the model have been shown to be in excellent agreement with the elasticity solutions for thin as well as thick laminated composite beams. A few results for a cross-ply beam under fixed support conditions are also presented.
ISSN: 1225-4568
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