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Title: Seismic Response of Base-Isolated Benchmark Building with Variable Sliding Isolators
Authors: SHARMA, A
Keywords: Friction Pendulum System
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The seismic response of base-isolated benchmark building with variable sliding isolators like variable friction pendulum system (VFPS), variable frequency pendulum isolator (VFPI), and variable curvature friction pendulum system (VCFPS), along with conventional friction pendulum system (FPS), was studied under the seven earthquakes. The earthquakes are applied bi-directionally in the horizontal plane ignoring vertical ground motion component. The shear type base-isolated benchmark building is modeled as three-dimensional linear elastic structure having three degrees of freedom at each floor level. Time domain dynamic analysis of the benchmark building was carried out with the help of constant average acceleration Newmark-Beta method and nonlinear isolation forces was taken care by fourth-order Runge-Kutta method. The base-isolated benchmark building is investigated for uniform isolation and hybrid isolation in combination with laminated rubber bearings through the performance criteria and time history response of important structural response parameters like floor accelerations, base displacement, etc. It is observed that variable sliding isolators performed better than conventional FPS due to their varying characteristic properties which enable them to alter the isolator forces depending upon their isolator displacements thus improves the performance of the structure. The VFPS efficiently controls large isolator displacements and VFPI and VCFPS improve super structural response on the cost of isolator displacement. It is also observed that the hybrid isolation is relatively better in comparison to the uniform isolation for the benchmark building.
ISSN: 1363-2469
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