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Title: Refined higher order finite element models for thermal buckling of laminated composite and sandwich plates
Authors: BABU, CS
Keywords: 3-Dimensional Solutions
Displacement Field
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: JOURNAL OF THERMAL STRESSES, 23(2), 111-130
Abstract: Two refined higher order theories, one that neglects and the other that takes into account the effect of transverse normal deformation, are used to develop two discrete finite element models for the thermal buckling analysts of composite laminates and sandwiches. The two models. one with nine degrees of freedom per node and the other with eleven degrees of freedom, are based on a nine-node Lagrangian isoparametric element. The geometric stiffness matrices are developed by taking into consideration the effects of the higher order terms on the initial in-plane and transverse shear stresses. The accuracy of the present formulations is first evaluated by analyzing sample problems for which analytical three-dimensional solutions exist in the literature. Numerical results are presented for the first time for sandwich plates, demonstrating the importance and accuracy of the higher order theory in comparison to first-order theory. Some new results are also given for sandwich plates with angle-ply composite face sheers, showing the effects of various boundary conditions and of variations in geometric and lamination parameters on critical temperature.
ISSN: 0149-5739
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