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Title: A study on drying of textile substrates and a new concept for the enhancement of drying rate
Authors: GURUDATT, K
Keywords: Moisture
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: JOURNAL OF THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE, 101(7), 635-644
Abstract: Gravimetric absorption test system (GATS) is used to measure the absorption capacity, absorption rate and drying rate of knit hoses, prepared from different fibres. The fibres studied are cotton, polyester and variety of modified polyesters. The study has shown that desorption or drying rate is at least two orders of magnitude lower than absorption rate. This finding implies that drying is the limiting process in moisture management. Further experiments on knit fabrics made from polyester and cotton, show that the drying rates are independent of fibre type in the constant-rate period, while the drying rates in the falling-rate period are dependent on fibre type. Subsequently, it is shown on the polyester fabric that drying rate in the falling-rate period depends on water concentration. Based on this understanding, an approach for enhancing drying rate in the falling-rate period is defined. The approach is demonstrated on knit hoses prepared from cotton and polyester yarns in alternating stripe form. The drying rate in the falling-rate period is found to be higher in the polyester-cotton stripe knit hose. A hypothesis for the observed enhancement in drying rate by wicking is put forth in terms of the internal movement of water from polyester to cotton portion. Experimentally, it is shown that 16% improvement in drying time is achieved in the case of the polyester-cotton stripe samples. Further, indications of internal water movement from polyester to cotton portion have been obtained by tracking the surface temperatures of the knit hoses during drying by infrared (IR) thermography.
ISSN: 0040-5000
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