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Title: Toward an experimental determination of possible vacuum regeneration for neutral flavoured mesons
Authors: DASS, GV
Keywords: Time-Reversal
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, 27(4), 523-529
Abstract: The usual phenomenology of the complex formed by a neutral flavoured meson M-0 and its antiparticle (M) over bar (0) assumes the absence of vacuum regeneration in this complex. We propose experiments for determining the two amplitudes of (possibly non-zero) vacuum regeneration: (i) a comparison of the time dependence of decays of the M-0 and (M) over bar (0) into a channel which could be a CP-eigenstate (e-g., pi(+)pi(-) or pi(0)pi(0)pi(0)), or a general channel like pi/nu; (ii) a measurement of the ratio of the time-dependent transmutations, (M-0 --> (M) over bar (0)) and ((M) over bar (0) --> M-0); (iii) a measurement of the ratio of the time-dependent probabilities for the production of \(MM0)-M-0> and \(M) over bar (0)(M) over bar (0)> states, starting with a C-odd correlated \(M) over bar (0)(M) over bar (0)> state like the phi-meson. The proposed experiments are required to be as accurate as those for the known CP-violation effects in the (M-0, (M) over bar (0)) complex.
ISSN: 1434-6044
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