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Title: Bis(2-diphenylphosphinoxynaphthalen-1-yl)methane: transition metal chemistry, Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and homogeneous hydrogenation of olefins
Authors: PUNJI, B
Keywords: Molecular-Structures
Catalyzed Hydroformylation
Functionalized Phosphines
Asymmetric Hydrogenation
Heterogeneous Catalysis
Coordination Chemistry
Palladium Catalysts
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: DALTON TRANSACTIONS, (10), 1322-1330
Abstract: Transition metal complexes of bis(2-diphenylphosphinoxynaphthalen-1-yl) methane (1) are described. Bis(phosphinite) 1 reacts with Group 6 metal carbonyls, [Rh(CO)(2)Cl](2), anhydrous NiCl2, [Pd(C3H5)Cl](2)/AgBF4 and Pt(COD)I-2 to give the corresponding 10-membered chelate complexes 2, 3 and 5-8. Reaction of 1 with [Rh(COD)Cl](2) in the presence of AgBF4 affords a cationic complex, [Rh(COD){Ph2P(-OC10H6)(mu-CH2)(C10H6O-)PPh2-kappa P, kappa P}]BF4 (4). Treatment of 1 with AuCl(SMe2) gives mononuclear chelate complex, [(AuCl){Ph2P(-OC10H6)(mu-CH2)(C10H6O-) PPh2-kappa P, kappa P}] (9) as well as a binuclear complex, [Au(Cl){mu-Ph2P(-OC10H6)(mu-CH2)(C10H6O-) PPh2- kappa P, kappa P} AuCl] (10) with ligand 1 exhibiting both chelating and bridged bidentate modes of coordination respectively. The molecular structures of 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10 are determined by X-ray studies. The mixture of Pd(OAc)(2) and 1 effectively catalyzes Suzuki cross-coupling reactions of a range of aryl halides with aryl boronic acid in MeOH at room temperature or at 60 degrees C, giving generally high yields even under low catalytic loads. The cationic rhodium(I) complex, [Rh(COD){Ph2P(-OC10H6)(mu-CH2)(C10H6O-) PPh2-kappa P, kappa P}]BF4 (4) catalyzes the hydrogenation of styrenes to afford the corresponding alkyl benzenes in THF at room temperature or at 70 degrees C with excellent turnover frequencies.
ISSN: 1477-9226
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