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Title: Design and structural analysis of a thrust chamber for a spinning supersonic rocket - a case study
Authors: RAJAN, KM
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: AERONAUTICAL JOURNAL, 109(1094), 187-192
Abstract: The design of a thrust chamber for a rocket propulsion system is a challenging task. The thrust chamber has to be designed for miminum structural weight with an adequate factor of safety. This calls for a thorough knowledge of various structural loads, both internal and external. and the behaviour of the structure in flight. This paper presents the design and structural analysis of a pressure vessel used as thrust chamber for a rocket propulsion unit. The effects of kinetic heating, thermal stress, spinning and various aerodynamic loads and their mutual interactions are accounted for in this analysis. Based oil a detailed stress analysis of the components and a modal/structural dynamic analysis of the flight vehicle as a whole, in which the thrust chamber is the main load bearing member, the required mechanical properties of the thrust chamber are obtained.
ISSN: 0001-9240
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