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Title: Synthesis and characterization of nylon 6 triblock copolymer using new hybrid soft segment
Authors: PANDYA, MV
Keywords: Blends
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL, 33(6), 789-794
Abstract: This paper reports a new method for synthesis of A-B-A type of triblock copolymer of nylon 6 by anionic polymerization route. The A segments are of nylon 6 units and B segments are flexible soft segments blocks. These soft segments are b-a-b type cooligomers and are novel. Two series of triblock copolymer of nylon 6 are synthesized. in each series soft segment B are different. In one series soft segment B is prepared from amine terminated acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer (Hycar ATBN), Hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI), and polyethylene glycol (M-n = 2000). In the other series, diol is changed to polypropylene glycol (M-n = 2000). Details of synthesis are given. Polymers are characterized by various spectroscopic techniques. Physical, mechanical and thermal properties of the polymers are also reported. (C) 1997 .
ISSN: 0014-3057
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