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Title: Optimum sizing of battery-integrated diesel generator for remote electrification through design-space approach
Authors: ARUN, P
Keywords: Systems
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: ENERGY, 33(7), 1155-1168
Abstract: Battery integrated diesel generation is one of the options for decentralized power production. They are particularly suitable for loads with significant variation in the daily demand. A methodology for the optimum sizing of integrated system involving diesel generator and battery bank for an isolated electrical power generation is proposed in this paper. The proposed methodology is based on the design-space approach involving a time series simulation of the entire system. Based on the proposed approach, for a given load demand, characteristics of the diesel generator and battery bank, a sizing curve is identified on the diesel generator rating vs. storage capacity diagram. The sizing curve helps in identifying all possible feasible system configurations or the design space. Based on the minimum capital cost and the minimum operating cost of the system, the Pareto optimum curve is identified on the system-sizing curve. Optimum system configuration is identified based on the minimum cost of energy through optimal dispatch strategy. Two operating strategies, involving continuous and intermittent operation of the diesel generator are studied and compared. Effect of the load profile on the system sizing is also presented in this paper. (C) 2008
ISSN: 0360-5442
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