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Title: Combustion synthesis of Sr0.5Ba0.5Nb2O6 and effect of fuel on its microstructure and dielectric properties
Authors: PATRO, PK
Keywords: Strontium-Barium Niobate
Photorefractive Properties
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN, 38(2), 249-259
Abstract: Nano-sized Sr0.5Ba0.5 Nb2O6 (SBN50) powder has been synthesized, at very short reaction time, for the first time by a novel combustion method. Ba(NO3)(2) and Sr(NO3)(2) were used as source of Sr and Ba, respectively, while Nb-oxalate was used as the source of niobium. Urea, hexamethyltetramine (HMT) and glycine were used as fuel. The crystallite sizes in the powder ranged between 14-125 nm. X-ray diffraction analysis showed complete SBN50 phase formation at 700 degreesC, when urea/HMT was used as fuel, and at 900 degreesC when glycine was used as fuel. Ferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition temperature (T,) close to 40 degreesC was observed when urea and HMT were used and the T-c was -49 degreesC when glycine was used. When urea was used as fuel highest dielectric constant was observed for the pellets sintered at 1250 degreesC for 4 h. Low dielectric loss was observed when HMT was used as fuel. Larger grain sizes in the sintered pellets were observed when glycine was used as fuel. (C) 2002 . .
ISSN: 0025-5408
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