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Title: Biological oxidation of high strength nitrogenous wastewater
Authors: GUPTA, SK
Keywords: Microbial Nitrification
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: WATER RESEARCH, 30(3), 593-600
Abstract: A nitrification study was conducted in continuous flow stirred tank reactors using high strength nitrogenous wastewater (concentrated stream from a urea plant mixed with pharmaceutical wastewater). The reactors were operated at different solids retention times (SRT = 10-62.5 d) and hydraulic retention times (HRT = 1.5-2.1 d). Pharmaceutical wastewater was used as an organic carbon source to maintain a COD/TKN ratio of 1. The nitrification achieved at different SRTs varied from 87 to 99%. The nitrogen balance data show that ammonia assimilation and denitrification accounted for 4-53% of the total nitrogen removed. The yield coefficients and decay coefficients were Y-b = 0.5 (COD basis), k(db) = 0.07 d(-1) (COD basis) for heterotrophs and Y-n = 0.15 (TKN basis), k(dn) = 0.06 d(-1) (TKN basis) for nitrifiers respectively.
ISSN: 0043-1354
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