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Title: Cepdsb - a possible ferromagnetic kondo-lattice system
Authors: MALIK, SK
Issue Date: 1991
Citation: PHYSICAL REVIEW B,43(7)6295-6298
Abstract: Magnetic-susceptibility and electrical-resistivity measurements on CePdSb and GdPdSb have been carried out in the temperature range of 4.2-300 K. The measurements reveal that CePdSb orders ferromagnetically with an ordering temperature (T(m)) of 17 K while GdPdSb orders antiferromagnetically with a Neel temperature (T(N)) of 15.5 K. In the paramagnetic state, the susceptibility of CePdSb follows Curie-Weiss behavior between 50 and 300 K but deviates from it below 50 K. Its saturation magnetic moment per formula unit at 4.2 K is 1.2-mu-B, which is reduced from the free-ion value of 2.14-mu-B for the Ce3+ ion. The resistivity of CePdSb shows a broad maximum at about 150 K and a ln(T) behavior at high temperatures, indicating the combined influence of crystalline electric fields and Kondo effect on the 4f moments. Thus CePdSb appears to be a Kondo-lattice system with ferromagnetic ordering of the cerium moments.
ISSN: 0163-1829
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