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Title: Protein aggregation: a perspective from amyloid and inclusion-body formation
Keywords: Folding Intermediates
Molecular Evolution
Natively Unfolded
Protein Folding
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: CURRENT SCIENCE,92(6)758-767
Abstract: Over the past few decades, an overwhelmingly vast amount of research has been dedicated to understanding protein aggregation. This review summarizes the current understanding of protein aggregation from the viewpoint of its two important manifestations: formation of amyloid fibrils and inclusion bodies. The article summarizes the structure, mechanism of formation, predisposing factors and measures of overcoming inclusion body and amyloid formation. The protective role played by molecular evolution in curbing aggregation and results from recent studies on the prediction of aggregation rates based on primary structure have also been discussed.
ISSN: 0011-3891
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