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Title: Computations of uplift capacity of pile anchors in cohesionless soil
Keywords: Cohesionless Soil
Critical Embedment Ratio
Kotter'S Equation
Pile Anchor
Uplift Capacity
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: ACTA GEOTECHNICA,5(2)87-94
Abstract: A method of analysis for the uplift capacity of pile anchors in cohesionless soil is proposed using Kotter's equation that facilitates computation of the distribution of soil reaction on the axis-symmetric failure surface, which is assumed to be the frustum of a cone with a characteristic angle of inclination with the pile-soil interface. A closed-form solution for the uplift capacity is obtained with no requirement of any charts or tables. Empirical relations using available literature are proposed for expressing critical embedment ratio and computation of net uplift capacity. The results are compared with a set of experimental data for 28 cases, ranging from loose to dense cohesionless soil up to maximum embedment ratio of 40, vis-a-vis available theoretical solutions. The proposed method leads to the predictions that are in good agreement with the experimental results. It further demonstrates the successful application of Kotter's equation in the estimation of uplift capacity of pile anchors.
ISSN: 1861-1125
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