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Title: Solar water chiller-cum-water heating system
Authors: RANE, MV
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: Cost of the solar adsorption system is mainly governed by the cost of the solar collector in the system. Viability of solar adsorption system depends on various factors like the cooling COP of the adsorption system., simplicity of operation and compactness of the system. Since, it is difficult the collector efficiency, simplicity of operation and compactness of the system. Since, it is difficult to achieve higher solar cooling CON using simple systems, simultaneous generation (of cold and hot utility is undertaken to improve economic viability. This paper deals with a solar Activated Carbon/Ammonia (AC/NH3) adsorption system. A modular water chiller-cum-water heating system is designed to chill water down to l(degrees)C and simultaneously heat water to 50degreesC Module design with wall integrated heat pipes is used to eliminate the requirement of fins. Heat pipes with pinch valves are used to regulate the heat transfer from and to the module. This simplifies the operation by eliminating pumps and making it easy to maintain. The odsorption system is simulated and the effect of the module size, shape, material maintain. The adsorption system is simulated and the effect of variation of the module size, shape and number of heat pipes on SCP, COP and cost of the solar system is presented. A solar adsorption system with evaporator temperature of-5degreesC, condenser temperature of 33degreesC gives a SCP of 77.7 W/kg A C, cooling cycle COP of 0.4, solar cooling COP of 0.18. With the solar adsorption system cost of us$ 77.85/kg ice produced per day. This demonstrates the economic viability of the system.
ISBN: 1-880132-06-0
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