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Title: Active vibration control of glass-epoxy composite box beam using output feedback
Authors: JAIN, S
Keywords: Time-Invariant Systems
Piezoelectric Actuators
Pole Assignment
Shape Control
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 2006 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Vols 1-6,2330-2335
Abstract: This paper presents the modeling and design of a Periodic Output Feedback (POF) controller to suppress the vibrations of a smart thin walled composite box beam. Collocated piezoelectric patches are bonded as sensor / actuator to the master structure at a certain finite element location on the beam, i.e., nearby the fixed end of the composite box beam. The beam structure is modelled in state space form using the concept of piezoelectric theory, the Timoshenko beam theory and the Finite Element Method. The beam is subjected to an external disturbance (impulse, sine, random excitations). When the proposed controller is put in the loop with the plant, the plant performs well and the vibrations are damped out in a quicker time. The performance of the proposed controller is thus evaluated for vibration control and the conclusions are drawn.
ISBN: 978-1-4244-0725-5
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