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Title: PV based distributed generation with compensation feature under unbalanced and non-linear load conditions for a 3-phi,4 wire system
Authors: PATEL, H
Keywords: Inverter
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 2006 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Vols 1-6,2665-2670
Abstract: With the increased penetration of Distributed Resources (DR) into the grid, it is desirable and advantageous to tap additional benefits out of these resources besides their main function of active power generation. This paper presents a Photo Voltaic (PV) fed system which can not only feed active power into the grid, but can also compensate for unbalanced, non-linear loads connected to the power grid. The interface with the grid is realized using three, 1-phi inverters. The proposed system is capable of compensating the negative and zero sequence harmonics of the load currents and to achieve a zero neutral current. Extensive simulations have been performed to study the viability of the proposed system, including the maximum power point tracking (MTPT) performance and response of the configuration to step disturbances in linear load, unbalanced operation And sudden application of shading effect. All the results are presented.
ISBN: 978-1-4244-0725-5
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