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Title: Weighted aggregation scheme with lifetime-accuracy tradeoff in wireless sensor network
Authors: JAGYASI, BG
Keywords: Distributed Detection
Multiple Sensors
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Sensing and Information Processsing, Proceedings,31-36
Abstract: We consider design of wireless sensor network for event detection application. An MMSE based q-bit weighted aggregation scheme (q-WAS) is proposed in which each node transmits q bits to its parent in every session. The observation of each sensor is assumed to be one bit. The simulation results sow that 1-WAS achieves better accuracy than a previously proposed one bit aggregation scheme while offering almost same lifetime. With increasing q, the accuracy of q-WAS approaches that of the infinite precision aggregation scheme. Moreover the lifetime for q-WAS is significantly higher than infinite precision aggregation scheme. For a 100 node sensor network, the simulation results show that 3-WAS achieves a near optimum accuracy. The lifetime of the q-WAS is approximately 1/q-th of the lifetime of the one bit aggregation schemes. Hence this class of aggregation schemes offers a trade-off between accuracy and lifetime.
ISBN: 978-1-4244-0611-1
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