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Title: Robust sliding mode controller for turbocharged diesel engine with parameter perturbations
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: In this paper, the robust sliding mode controller is proposed for the speed control of turbocharged diesel engine. The effect of variation of model parameters on the closed loop performance of the engine is investigated to demonstrate invariance characteristic of the proposed controller. Uncertainties are inserted into both the linearized and the nonlinear model. Uniform uncertainties of +/- 15% are incorporated in each element of the system matrices A and B. In the other case, new set of system matrices are obtained by incorporating the same percent of uncertainties into variables such as eta(i), eta(nu), fmep and Delta T-e of the original nonlinear model. The same controller parameters are applied for perturbed as well as nominal models. It is shown that, with the sliding mode controller the system remain stable despite such large perturbations in the model. In the second part of this paper, even larger uncertainties to the extent of +/- 20% and +/- 40% are applied to the nominal linear model. The transient response with perturbed models are observed to be significantly deviating from that of the nominal model. It is shown that, despite such large uncertainties, it is possible to shape such transient response by tuning a single controller parameter, which may be seen as tuning a knob.
ISBN: 978-1-4244-1281-5
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