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Title: Mitigating urban flood disasters in India
Authors: GUPTA, K
Keywords: Mumbai
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Flood disasters are now affecting a large number of people living in urban areas in the developing world. Major cities in India have witnessed loss of life and property, disruptions to transport and power and incidences of epidemics during the monsoons, most notable amongst them being Mumbai in 2005, Surat in 2006, Kolkata in 2007 and Jamshedpur in 2008. A special feature in India is that heavy rainfall occurs mainly during the monsoon, for four months from June to September, hence unique solutions and approaches are needed for Indian cities. The annual disasters from urban flooding are now much greater than the annual economic losses due to other disasters. This paper focuses on three main aspects: (i) the increasing incidences of urban flooding in India, (ii) the mitigation measures being taken using Mumbai as a case study, where floods cause disruptions at least twice a year on an average, and (iii) the national guidelines and manuals being formulated by the Government to mitigate urban flood disasters in the major cities and upcoming towns and cities in India.
ISBN: 978-0-415-48334-6
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